Michelin 245/40R19 98(Y) XL Pilot Sport 5 TL


Полное наименованиеMichelin 245/40R19 98(Y) XL Pilot Sport 5 TL
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Michelin 245/40R19 98(Y) XL Pilot Sport 5 TL

Michelin Pilot Sport 5 — summer tyre, intended for sports car and high-performance sedan enthusiasts.

Designed to offer a unique combination of sporting performance and longevity:
— it is the best performing summer tire among its main competitors in terms of life span for the sports category
— it offers precision and exceptional reactivity in curves thanks to the Dynamic Response technology that has already proven itself in motorsport. A hybrid Aramid and Nylon ply forms a belt around the complete tire structure to guarantee optimum transmission of driving instructions and further increase driving pleasure
— it also offers maximum control thanks to extremely good grip and braking performance on dry and wet. The Dual Sport Tread Design technology allows for tread optimization, with more performance in the wet thanks to the inner part of the tread and in the dry thanks to its outer tread blocks


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