Continental 255/40ZR19 100(Y) XL SportContact 7 TL FR


Полное наименованиеContinental 255/40ZR19 100(Y) XL SportContact 7 TL FR
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Continental 255/40ZR19 100(Y) XL SportContact 7 TL FR

With the SportContact 7, Continental now has a new high-performance tyre suitable for sporty vehicles. This year, a total of 42 articles will be available in sizes 19 to 23 inches, with the product line being further expanded over the course of the coming year. The new SportContact generation, Continental offers drivers a high performance, very safe, handling-oriented, high-mileage tyre. On the racetrack, mileage is up 10 percent over the previous model and wet braking distances are reduced by eight percent. The new SportContact is also six percent better for dry braking, and service life is 17 percent longer. Handling and grip in both wet and dry conditions will also benefit from the latest advancements (test with tyre size 245/30 R 20). During development, Continental has focused on improving all performance criteria to combine maximum driving pleasure with maximum safety and sustainability in the field of UUHP tyres (ultra-high performance tyre segment).


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